Delta County’s goal is to acquire quality goods and services, including printing material, to assure that all Delta County departments receive the best value for their budgeted funding in an open and fair bidding environment which encourages the greatest number of vendors to complete for County contract opportunities.

The Board of Delta County Commissioners comply with statutory requirements with respect to bid preferences, specifically Section 8-19-101, et seq., C.R.S. Currently Delta County is purchasing office supplies through a “National Association of Counties” contract. Any items which cannot be purchased through this contract go through a bid process and a preference is given to Colorado bidders. On May 13, 2002, the Board of County Commissioners approved a new policy entitled: “Preference for local Bidders in Construction Projects and Suppliers.”

Bid postings are now available online.  To be notified of future bid postings, bidders must subscribe to the Bid Posting Module.