Records Management

The records division is part of the administrative support staff at the Delta County Sheriff’s Office and satisfies statutory responsibilities including release and storage of records.

Records That Can be Released

  • LOCAL BACKGROUND CHECKS (Records of Official Action) for housing, employment, etc: We can only conduct a check for incidents involving the Delta County Sheriff’s Office. If you require a criminal background check outside of Delta County you will need to contact that agency or the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.
  • LAW ENFORCEMENT RECORDS (Criminal Justice Records) which include 911 tapes, photos, reports, body cam footage, etc.  We can only release records that are in the custody and control of the Delta County Sheriff’s Office. If your reported incident was covered by another agency, you will need to contact that agency for the record or report.

Request a Record or Background Check

The Delta County Sheriff’s Office is required by statute to allow records to be open for inspection by the public.

  1. An ‘Open Records Request Form’ must be completed and submitted, along with the required fees, to the Custodian of Records (Records Technician) prior to the release of any public or criminal justice records.
  2. Once received, the Custodian of Records has 72 hours to release the requested information unless extenuating circumstances exist.  Extenuating circumstances include, but are not limited to a large category of records, a wide ranging, non-specific request and/or a request which requires a large amount of research or redaction.
  3. All records are released in accordance with the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA).
  4. Before release all fees must be paid to the Sheriff’s Office in accordance with the fee schedule.  
  1. A NON-REFUNDABLE research fee of $5.00 is due at the time of request before a search will begin. The initial fee includes 30 minutes of research and up to 4 pages, with an additional fee of $.25 per page accessed beyond that. Research beyond 30 minutes will be assessed $2.50 per 30 minutes. 
  2. Additional reports under the same request, including supplemental reports, are $2.50 per report.  
  3. Dispatch/911 recordings, body cam videos and photos are $25/disc.  
  4. A separate request form must be completed for multiple requests along with the required fees.  
  5. Costs for reproduction of records have been authorized by Colorado Revised Statute 24-72-306.  

The ‘pecuniary gain statement’ must be signed in order for records to be released.

Applying for a Record or a Background Check

Step 1

Download Application

Step 2

Fill Out Application

Fill out, print, and sign the application.

Step 3

Submit Documents

1. Submit application in person, or