Guest WiFi Internet Disclaimer and Terms of Use

Delta County (County) offers wireless Internet access in the form of a guest wireless network (“DCGuestWiFi”) on and in select County areas and buildings. The County makes no promise of suitability for your purposes, or to the privacy of your connection. DCGuestWiFi is provided as a public service, free of charge, for the convenience of visitors conducting business with the County and subject to the terms and conditions below.

Use of the DCGuestWiFi for high volume traffic or high volume data transfers is prohibited. This limited Internet service should be used for periodic, low volume access to the Internet only, and should not be relied on as a person’s only means of Internet access. Internet communication ports not needed for Internet browsing and simple electronic communications may be blocked. The DCGuestWiFi is content filtered and certain Internet site categories may be blocked (e.g. pornography and hacking). Category filtering may not be accurate as it updates daily.

The County does not guarantee minimum Internet connection speeds, and network traffic may be monitored and logged. The County cannot be held responsible for ensuring the privacy of any confidential or financial information guests may send over the DCGuestWiFi. Virus and security protection is the end user’s responsibility. DCGuestWiFi is not secure. Information passing through the DCGuestWiFi network could be monitored, captured, or altered by others. The County disclaims any liability for unauthorized security breaches and encourages all users to adhere to good security practices.

County staff are not permitted to support user connectivity issues or user computer issues of any type. The County assumes no responsibility for damage, theft, or loss of user’s equipment, software, data files or other personal property brought onto County property or used on the DCGuestWiFi network.

If County staff is contacted for assistance they will only verify the current operational state of the DCGuestWiFi system. There is no guarantee of access to the DCGuestWiFi at any specific time, at a specific speed, location or with any specific equipment or device. Service disruptions may occur, and some equipment may be incompatible. The County will treat repair issues related to the DCGuestWiFi as a lower priority than work orders and issues directly affecting County departments, boards and committees.

At its sole discretion, the County may terminate access to DCGuestWiFi at anytime, without prior notice.

By using DCGuestWiFi you expressly agree to this Internet Disclaimer and Terms of Use. If you do not understand and agree to this Internet Disclaimer and Terms of Use, you are not permitted to use this service. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may lead to loss of network access, suspension of privileges, and/or prosecution.

In using DCGuestWiFi, you agree to and hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless the County, its employees, and any affiliate, from any injury, loss, or damage that may result in your use of DCGuestWiFi.

While using DCGuestWiFi, you acknowledge that you are subject to, and agree to abide by all laws, rules and regulations including those of the County, the State of Colorado, and the Federal Government that are applicable to Internet use.