Land Use Code Update

Delta County Land Use Code (LUC) Update

The Delta County Land Use Code (LUC) serves as a foundational guide for property use, setting clear expectations for property owners and their neighbors. This regulatory framework ensures harmonious land development and use within the county.

Why Update the LUC?

Since its adoption in January 2021, the need to refine the Land Use Code has become evident. This update, initiated in response to feedback from local surveyors and experiences in implementing the original LUC, aims to resolve ambiguities, streamline navigation, and align the LUC with current ordinances. Key triggers for this update included:

  • Requests for greater clarity and certainty in LUC provisions.
  • Identification of ambiguous language and formatting challenges hindering easy reference.
  • Conflicts between the LUC and existing ordinances.
  • Lessons learned from public hearings on major projects, such as large-scale solar and telecommunication initiatives.

Following numerous public consultations, the Planning Commission approved the Certified 2022 Land Use Code Update on November 16, 2022. This revised version has been accessible to the public since November 18, 2022. Noteworthy amendments include:

  • Transitioning the Urban Growth Area (UGA) zoning from a designation to an overlay, facilitating higher density and mixed-use developments.
  • Introducing Residential 2.5-acre (RES-2.5) and Residential 1.0-acre (RES-1.0) designations for suitable smaller lot subdivisions.
  • Removal of the Variation to Lot Size process and criteria.
  • Enhanced clarity in land division terminology and processes.
  • The distinction between Allowed and Permitted Uses, integrated with the Development Application Ordinance.
  • New standards for Renewable Energy Facilities and Wireless Communication Facilities.

Addressing Misinformation

In light of misconceptions circulating in public forums and social media regarding the Delta County LUC, we aim to clarify and rectify these misunderstandings. For accurate information and to dispel myths about the LUC Update, please refer to the Land Use Code Update FAQs.