Emergency Alerts

Delta County utilizes the CodeRED Emergency Notification System (ENS) to send out emergency alerts to residents, business owners, and visitors to Delta County to alert them to an active or potential life threatening event in their area.   Should an alert be activated, the system has the ability to send a recorded voice message to all registered phone numbers within a defined area of the County.

Additionally, the system can send a text message, email, and/or call a TTY telephone for residents who have registered their contact information and requested to be notified in these other ways. The system will deliver the message to homes, businesses, and mobile app users within the area designated by dispatch.

Do I Have to Register to Receive These Alerts?

Yes! The Emergency Alerts are delivered to phone numbers and contact information that has been registered in the CodeRED database. To ensure you receive an alert in an emergency, please take a few minutes to register your family living in your household, work addresses and the contact information of elderly neighbors or family members who may not have access to the internet to register.

When are Emergency Alerts Sent and Who Sends Them?

Emergency Alerts are sent by Delta County Dispatch or Emergency Management for emergency situations where critical, timely information needs to be communicated to residents within a defined area of the County. Emergency alerts can only be activated by Dispatch or Emergency Management at the request of law enforcement, fire chief, public health representative, or a local/county/state government official and are only sent out in emergency situations or to test the system on an annual basis.

Emergency alerts are sent for:

  • Missing/endangered child or adult
  • Law enforcement activity such as shots fired, barricaded subject, suspect fleeing from cops, dangerous individual, etc.
  • Gas leaks
  • Domestic water boil orders or water main breaks
  • Emergency road closures
  • Wildfire evacuations
  • Severe weather
  • Flooding
  • Other emergency situations which may affect life safety or property

Who Receives Alerts?

Dispatchers at the Delta County Communications Center can send an emergency alert anytime day or night. A message is crafted based upon information known at the time and it is typed into the alert system which converts the message from text to speech. A message can also be recorded by the dispatcher directly.

The dispatcher then defines a specific area where the alert should be sent. This can be accomplished by drawing a custom boundary on the map (such as by neighborhood) or by dropping a starting point on a map telling the system to select all addresses within a specified radius (circle) of that point.

Every resident, business owner and/or visitor to Delta County who is registered in the CodeRED database within the area set by dispatch will receive the alert in the format(s) they opted in for. The default alert is to receive the recorded message via phone call. Information may also be sent via text message, TTY phone or email. Alerts are also posted to the Sheriff’s Office and Emergency Management Facebook pages, but information may not be immediately available on these pages.

Example – Dan and Susie live at 1234567 Cedar Mesa Rd in Cedaredge. There is a wildfire that just started and is threatening homes in their neighborhood. Per the Cedaredge Fire Department and the Sheriff, an evacuation has been ordered for all homes within two-miles of the fire. Dispatch then pinpoints the fire on the map, sets a radius (circle) to two miles and all registered residents within that two-mile radius receive the alert! Each registered resident will receive a telephone call with the emergency evacuation order. If they opted in for a text/email they will receive information via those methods as well. 

Common Questions About Emergency Alerts

Does everyone in the County Receive an alert when one is sent?

No. Emergency alerts from CodeRED are programmed to be sent to residents who have registered and live within a defined geographical area set by dispatch. If you live in Delta and an alert is sent to Paonia, only residents in the Paonia area will receive the alert.

Do I have to be home to receive the alert?

No. When you register with CodeRED, we recommend that you register your cell phone and select that you want to receive text messages. This way, if you are away from your home and there is an emergency near your home, you will receive the phone call on your cell phone AND you will receive a text so you know if it is safe to return home.

Does the system know where I am and send me alerts based on my location?

Emergency Alerts are sent out based on the physical address of your house that you put in when you register. It is also recommended that you create an account when you register so you can manage your home and your work addresses and places that you frequent such as your children’s school or your church.

To receive alerts based upon your current location as you move around during the day or while traveling, you will need to download the free CodeRED Mobile Alert App and install it on your cell phone.  The app is available for both Apple and Android devices.  You will need to create a separate user account for this app vs. the one you create to register your home address. The app can use the GPS feature in your cell phone to send alerts based on your location.  Find more information on the CodeRED Mobile Alert App or watch the video below.