The following locations have been CLOSED by local authorities due to Hazardous Conditions or Damages:

  • Delta County Fairgrounds Boat Ramp parking area - High Water Flows on the North Fork of the Gunnison have reached into the pavilion and parking area. Due to the high water in the parking area this area has been closed off and parking moved to the grassy area near Doc Maloney Way.  Boats can launch from boat ramp if carried down but vehicles are not allowed into the area due to water and soft ground.  
  • Paonia River Park - Trails at the River Park, below the Paonia K-8 school and the Boat Ramp have been closed due to high water and localized flooding  per the Western Slope Conservation Center 
  • Confluence Park - The City of Delta has closed the trails behind the lake at Confluence Park due to localized flooding from the Gunnison River. 
  • Hubbard Creek Road - North of Bowie Road.   Hubbard Creek Road, has been closed due to a landslide and is closed for an extended period of time. There is no estimated time of re-opening. 
  • Roubideau Canyon Road - Montrose County - Roubideau Canyon Road just inside Montrose County is CLOSED due to the road being washed out to Roubideau Creek per Montrose County. 

Delta County urges residents utilizing the Sand Hill Crane Landing Boat Ramp at G50 Road on the Gunnison River to exercise caution when pulling into the parking area and be aware of the potential for ground water and soft parking areas from localized flooding into the boat ramp area. 

Latest Press Release

Highway 133 CLOSED Between Paonia and Somerset 

May 8, 2023

Map of the Closure and Detour for Hwy 133 showing route back to I-70 and I-70 to Glenwood.

Highway 133 remains CLOSED in both directions from mile post 14 through mile post 19.  The safety closure is due to a large sinkhole and significant road damage. Somerset access to or from Paonia and access to the Kebler Pass, East Muddy and McClure Pass areas from Paonia is currently limited to residents, property owners and authorized personnel with a valid credential issued by Gunnison County prior to May 8th.  Motorists traveling to Hwy 82 and the Roaring Fork Valley or I-70 must detour around the closure via Hwy 50 to I-70. 

Please note - Steven's Gulch Road, Bear Creek Road, County Road 265, County Road 12 (Kebler Pass), and County Road 3 (Marble) are all CLOSED due to snow and are not detours to this closure and should not be attempted, even if GPS routing suggests these as alternate routes. Please visit COTrip.org for the latest  information and for alternate route planning. 

CDOT Customer Service Hotline

If you have any questions or need assistance related to the closure, please call CDOT's customer service line Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm Mountain Time, at 970-243-2368. CDOT will update the public as soon as highway repair plans are finalized.

If the CDOT Customer Service hotline representative cannot answer your questions,  they will provide you with a ticket # and have the appropriate representative from CDOT, Gunnison County, etc call you back.  We are asking that residents NOT call Delta County or Gunnison Dispatch or the Delta or Gunnison County Sheriff's Offices as staff will just refer you back to this hotline. 

CDOT Free Shuttle Service - Paonia to/from Carbondale for Delta County Residents 

May 23, 2023

CDOT to start FREE commuter shuttle offered for workers during CO 133 safety closure for commuters traveling between Paonia and Carbondale 

CO Department of Transportation flier on Commuter program for Hwy 133 closure Opens in new windowDelta & Gunnison Counties — Beginning Wednesday, May 24, CDOT will run a free shuttle service to assist commuters needing transportation from the North Fork Valley to the Roaring Fork Valley. The free shuttle service is available due to the road damage and safety closure on Colorado Highway 133 north of Paonia. The shuttle service will run Wednesday, May 24-Friday, May 26 and Tuesday, May 30-June 2. Schedule times are departure from Paonia at 5 a.m., 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. Shuttles will depart Carbondale at 5:30 p.m., 6:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. The Paonia pick up location is at Paonia Town Park. The Carbondale drop-off and pick-up location is at the RFTA Carbondale Park & Ride. Shuttle service will not run on Monday, May 29 in observance of the Memorial Day holiday. A flyer with shuttle information is available for sharing, and an updated schedule will be shared in time for the week of June 5. 

Contractor R.L. Wadsworth is ramping up prep work for placing a temporary bridge on Colorado Highway 133 at a location with severe roadway damage. Crews are working on the engineering of the temporary bridge. This process usually requires four months, but crews are expediting due to the emergency need for a temporary bridge as soon as possible. Once engineering is complete and approved, crews will mobilize to assemble and attach the temporary bridge.

The bridge will be assembled with 18 truckloads of parts that are sourced from locations nationwide. Parts are anticipated to arrive the first week of June. CDOT continues to negotiate details and a schedule with contractor partner R.L. Wadsworth with the goal of having work completed. The temporary bridge will allow CO 133 to reopen to motorists. Permanent repairs to the damaged section of CO 133 are anticipated to begin once the temporary bridge is installed. 

Stakeholder updates for the project will be going out soon. Residents, business owners and other members of the public can sign up for project updates using the following contact information. Please note the hotline may receive several calls, so all voicemails will receive a response.

Project information hotline: 970-279-3309

Project email

Once the temporary bridge is in place and CO 133 is safely reopened for the traveling public, there will be a lowered speed limit of 40 mph. Commercial motor vehicle traffic will be restricted to 85,000 lbs and 11-foot width.

A safety closure started on Tuesday, May 2 at Mile Points 14-19 due to significant road damage. The damage originally began with a small sinkhole and lane closure during the weekend of Saturday, April 29. Major flooding from nearby Bear Creek early the week of May 1 filled a culvert with debris and flooded the roadway, pushing the culvert through the other side of the road and eroded roadway embankment, causing the road to collapse. The damage and safety closure are near Somerset, just north of Paonia. Access to Somerset from the north, via CO 133 McClure Pass, continues to be open. Photos and video of the damaged roadway are available in a media kit.

Travelers that are not residents in the area are encouraged to use COtrip.org for planning an alternate route around the area. Motorists traveling to the Colorado Highway 82 (Roaring Fork Valley) or Interstate 70 can detour around the closure via US Highway 50 and I-70. All real-time travel impacts will continue to be posted to COtrip.org

About CDOT

The Colorado Department of Transportation’s mission is to provide the best multi-modal transportation system that most effectively and safely moves people, goods and information. CDOT maintains more than 23,000 lane miles of highway, more than 3,400 bridges and 35 mountain passes. Our team of employees works tirelessly to reduce the rate and severity of crashes and improve the safety of all modes of transportation. CDOT leverages partnerships with a range of private and public organizations and operates Bustang, an interregional express bus service. Find more details at codot.gov.

Hwy 133 Closure - Small Business Economic Injury Disaster Loan Worksheet

Image of Hwy 133 Collapse with Text encouraging Small Businesses to complete disaster worksheetDelta County Emergency Management and the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management encourage any small business that has experienced economic impacts and financial losses to fill out the Hwy 133 Small Business Association Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) Estimated Disaster Economic Injury Worksheet. 

The State Office of Emergency Management and other divisions at the State are working to identify what economic impacts this closure is having on local businesses. One resource that can be activated if there is enough interest is a Small Business Association Economic Disaster Declaration which if granted, will offer impacted businesses extremely low interest rates (lower than any commercial business loan). This is a multi step process. If your business is experiencing losses due to the Hwy 133 closure, please read the following info and submit the form to DHSEM. 

Important Information about the Small Business Association Estimated Disaster Economic Injury Worksheet (PDF):

  • Filling out the form is NOT a guarantee of funding assistance.  
  • Filling out the form is NOT a completion of an application for a Small Business Association Disaster Loan. 
  • This is the first step in working towards an Small Business Association EIDL - there will be more steps before you apply for the actual loan . 
  • The purpose of the worksheet is to gather information on the number of businesses impacted and experiencing economic losses from this incident.  
  • If your business has not had losses or you are not interested in a low-interest SBA loan DO NOT submit this worksheet to DHSEM.  If you are having losses and are interested in having a low interest loan to help your business recover, please submit this form ASAP. 
  • This process is time-sensitive.  The State has 120 days from May 2nd (August 30) to collect information from businesses, verify information, submit it to the Small Business Administration and have them declare a small business disaster declaration. 
  • Agriculture businesses/producers are NOT eligible for SBA EIDL loans. Instead there are resources through the USDA Farm Services Agency. Please see the links below for more information. 

Steps to Completing the Estimated Disaster Economic Injury Worksheet:

  1. Download the Small Business Association - Estimated Disaster Economic Injury Worksheet for Businesses (PDF) 
  2. Fill out the Worksheet.  
  3. Save the completed worksheet and email to CO Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management - West Service Area Field Manager Bobbie Lucero 
  4. DHSEM staff will contact you with any questions about the worksheet or for any revisions necessary.  
  5. Once at least five (5) businesses in Delta, Gunnison, Pitkin or Garfield Counties report losses and interest in SBA loans, the Governor/State will work to request a SBA Disaster Declaration 
  6. Once a SBA Disaster Declaration is issued, businesses with losses will be allowed to apply for a SBA EIDL Loan through the SBA. 

Questions? Email Bobbie Lucero at DHSEM 

Resources for Agriculture Producers/Businesses experiencing Financial Losses due to the Hwy 133 Closure:

Contact the local representatives at the Farm Services Agency to walk you through programs offered to help in a time of disaster!  You should also reach out to the Local CSU Extension Office (970-874-2195) to see what resources they have. 

Flooding and Swift-Water Safety Tips

North Fork of the Gunnison River Rapids outside HotchkissThe North Fork of the Gunnison, Gunnison and Uncompahgre Rivers are all running extremely high and fast this year.  Sheriff Taylor and local fire Chiefs encourage residents to avoid recreational activities on or near the rivers this spring due to soft banks, fast moving water, high water levels and large amount of debris in the rivers and streams.

If you witness someone fall out of a kayak, raft or other watercraft into the river or someone on the bank fall into a river or stream, call 9-1-1 immediately.  Do not attempt to jump in and rescue them. Local fire departments are trained in swift-water rescues and have specialized equipment to help rescue people from the river. If you fall into the river, swim to the nearest shore and if assistance is needed call 9-1-1.  When calling emergency dispatch, be prepared to give a detailed location of where the person(s) went into the river or where you are and any landmarks, features that can help dispatch direct emergency responders to the scene.  

Statement from Sheriff Mark Taylor regarding water recreation:

"Due to the high volume of spring runoff and the treacherous conditions of our local rivers, streams and creeks; Sheriff Taylor strongly urges people to stay off these waterways until the treacherous conditions subside. Not only are you putting yourself in danger but you could also be putting first responders in danger as they respond to help in an emergency. "

Stay Informed on Current Weather Conditions 

  • Monitor local weather forecasts. During spring runoff, stream flows are highest during extended periods of warm weather and during rain storms which can rapidly melt snow pack.  
  • Be aware that peak stream flows may occur during evening hours after snow melt reaches lower elevations and may not occur during daylight hours

Stay safe near Waterways

  • Keep children and pets away from fast-moving streams, rivers, culverts, irrigation ditches and other water sources.  Ditch and river banks are saturated this time of year and pets or children could fall into the fast moving water and be swept away or under the current and get caught on debris in the water. 
  • Do not attempt to swim in or cross fast moving creeks and rivers during runoff time. Just six inches of water can knock an adult off their feet. 
  • Be especially careful around streams and rivers at night when it is harder to recognize flood dangers in the dark. 
  • Do not camp or park vehicles in the low areas along streams, rivers and washes during runoff.  Water could suddenly rise,  especially overnight and trap you or make it so you are unable to get out of the location you parked in. 
  • As temperatures rise, so do the flows on tributaries which feed local rivers in Delta County. Property owners along rivers should prepare for increased flows and  potential for riverine flooding. Residents living along major creeks such as Surface Creek, Ward Creek, Tongue Creek, Currant Creek, Hubbard Creek, Leroux Creek, Terror Creek, Milk Creek and others should also be prepared for localized flooding as these creeks swell and have the potential to overflow their banks over the next few weeks.  
  • Residents living near creeks and rivers should be aware that peak flows may occur during late evening to early morning hours between 9:00 pm and 6:00 am when the melt from high mountain elevations finally reaches lower elevations. 

Stay safe while driving

  • Never drive through high water. Just two feet of moving water is enough to carry away most vehicles! 
  • Obey barricades and road closures. They were put there for your safety! 
  • If your vehicle stalls while driving through rapidly rising or moving water, abandon it and climb to higher ground and call 9-1-1 for help. 
  • Never attempt to drive over a flooded roadway.  The road base or culvert may have washed out and not be visible and cause you to drive into the waterway. 


Delta County staff and leadership working with local municipalities and state partners to prepare for anticipated spring flooding in Delta County.  Residents are urged to take action now to mitigate against flooding on private property. Delta County and the entire Western Slope have seen record-breaking snow this winter, and while the snow is a welcome relief after years of intense drought, now is the time for residents to start preparing to mitigate the risk of rising flood waters along creeks, streams, and rivers once the snow begins to melt in the beginning in late April through June. 

Steps to take to prepare for Flooding BEFORE it happens:

  • Be informed - sign up for flood safety alerts.  Subscribe to news updates and social media alerts from the National Weather Service, Stream Flow Alerts from the USGS, and for Emergency Alerts from Delta County and local municipalities via Delta County Alerts.
  • Consider Flood Insurance - One inch of water can cause over $25,000 in damages. Now is the time to look into flood insurance - it takes 30 days to take effect! Learn more about Flood Insurance and ways to be prepared at FloodSmart.gov.
  • Make a Plan and Build a Kit - Develop a family safety plan - do your kids know how to get to high ground if flooding occurs? Are there roads near your home that could flood and trap you? Do you have extra medicine, food, water, and supplies if you have to stay at home? If you must evacuate - how will you protect your pets and livestock or evacuate them?  Prepare a flood emergency kit by gathering necessary items like a first aid kit, non-perishable food to last several days, medications, copies of essential documents, etc.  Learn more at Ready.gov.
  • Know if your home is in a flood plain! Know the status of your property - check the flood hazard map online.
  • Harden your property with sandbags or building berms to divert water from structures. 


The County and the following municipalities have a limited number of FREE sandbags and sand available to residents to help prepare for potential flooding.  

Sandbag guidelines:

  • Please be respectful of jurisdictional bag limits and requirements. Some jurisdictions require you to call to get the bags during business hours or to write down how many bags you took, etc to ensure bags are being distributed equally.  
  • These sandbags are intended to help protect residences and are available in small quantities. If you need several hundred bags for a retaining wall, we encourage residents to order bags from local retailers or online distributors who can ship the bags directly to your home and then purchase a load of sand from a local gravel company which can be delivered to your home to avoid filling and hauling bags to your home. 
  • All locations are self-fill for sandbags.  County and municipal staff are not available to fill sandbags for residents.  


The following municipalities have made sandbags available only for residents within city limits:

City of Delta

  • Sand and sandbags are available at 1102 1/2 Bluff Street - Delta.
  • To request sandbags, please call 970-275-4923. Staff is available 7 days a week and will respond and get you bags.  Sand is available 24/7. 

Town of Cedaredge

  • Bags are located at Town Hall at 235 W Main Street - Cedaredge. Questions - call 970-856-3123. Limited # of bags per in-town resident. 
  • Sand is available at Public Works at 160 SE High Country Avenue next to Cedaredge Foodtown. 

Town of Orchard City

  • Town Shop,  9545 2100 Rd. Orchard City
  • Bags are in a blue barrel beside the sand pile between the cones.  For questions/assistance, call Town Hall at 970-835-3337.

Town of Crawford

  • Bags are available at Crawford Town Hall and Town Shop, 425 Hwy 92, Crawford.
  • These sandbags can be filled with sand at the District 3 Road & Bridge shop sand pile next to the Fire Department. For assistance, call 970-921-4725.

Town of Hotchkiss

  • Bags and sand available at the Town Shop, 502 Clara Vista Street up on Barrow Mesa 
  • To request bags call Town Hall at 970-872-5452 or 970-872-3663 and staff will meet you at the Public Works Shop to get you bags.  Bags are only available to Town of Hotchkiss Residents and are only available Monday - Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm. 

Unincorporated Delta County:

For residents in unincorporated Delta County outside city limits:

  • Questions? Call: 970-874-2101
  • Limit of 100 Bags per household 

District 1 - Delta Area

District 2 - Surface Creek

District 3 - North Fork 

  • Delta County Fairgrounds at 403 S 4th Street, Hotchkiss
  • Bags and sand are out back by the dugouts. A limited quantity of bags is left out at one time. If no bags are out, please call Jeff Williams, fairgrounds maintenance  at 970-644-1423 (available Monday - Friday from 8 am to 4pm).  

Organizations who have Volunteered to Help Residents Prepare for Flooding

The following churches, organizations and businesses have volunteered to help residents who are home-bound, or unable to fill and haul sandbags to their home to prepare for anticipated spring flooding.   Please note - due to statutory limitations, local and county governments are not allowed to work on private property. County/town staff therefore can't assist with sandbags or debris removal on private property and staff can not make recommendations of what preparations may be needed to protect private property.  County and town staff are focused on protecting infrastructure such as roads, bridges and culverts. 

 If your organization/company would like to be added to the below list to volunteer to help residents, please contact Lindsay Mitchell, Public Information Specialist to be added to this list.  

  • Region 10 - Council on Aging - 970-249-2436  - Joe Walker , Community Living Services Coordinator 
  • Pack 485 Cub Scouts - Porta Vigil   970-596-1816 
  • L&L Rooter & Repair -  Leon - 970-209-8815 | Available to help fill sandbags/deliver sandbags to residences and more. 

Delta County FEMA Flood Hazard Mapping

Stream Gauges - U.S. Geological Service (USGS)

National Weather Service 

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service 

Snow Water Equivalent charts are linked below but also visual charts are embedded below. 

Colorado Division of Natural Resources

FEMA - National Flood Insurance Program