Instructions for Searching Foreclosures

Beginning on the "HOME" page of the Delta County website, select:

  • Departments
  • Treasurer
  • Search Foreclosure Property

The Foreclosure Property Search screen looks like the following image:

Property foreclosure search screen

Enter at least one of the available search criteria and press "enter" to search.

Description of Search Criteria

Foreclosure Number

If you know the Foreclosure ID number, enter it here and only see the details for that ID (Ex: 0000-2003). If you want to see all listings for 2003, enter "-2003".

Current Owners Name 

The current owners name starts with your entry. If you enter "David", you will see listings for the name "David" as well as "Davidson".

Zip  Code  

Enter the zip code.

Street Name 

Enter just the street name, no number, no geographical references, and see listings on that street.

Subdivision Name 

Enter the subdivision for all listing in that area. If you only know part of the subdivision name, enter what you know and see listing for all subdivisions that contain that word. "Cherry" will show "Cherry Creek Acres", "Cherrywood", "Cherry Grove East", and more.


NED Recorded Date Range:  Enter the begin date and / or end date for the NED Recorded Date.

Sold Date Range:  Enter the begin date and / or end date for the Sold Date.

Status Definitions

NED Recorded

Notice of Election and Demand for Sale. This is the first document recorded in the foreclosure process.


Means that the owner and lender have come to an agreement about restarting payments so the foreclosure is closed.


Means that there was a third party bidder who purchased the foreclosure or that the foreclosure went back to the foreclosing lender.


Means the property was sold and the 15 day lienor redemption period has passed so the property is eligible to be deeded to the new owner.


Means the sale date for the foreclosure has been moved to another date. The attorney’s do not inform the Public Trustee office the reason the sale is being postponed.


Additional property information is available on the County website through the following Departments:

  • Delta County Assessor's Office: Search Property Records.  The Assessor’s section offers details for the structures on the property, previous sale information and a brief legal description of the parcel.
  • Clerk and Recorder's Office: Public Records Search.  The records search allows research of property lien activity and any outstanding recorded liens.

If you have questions, please contact the Public Trustee Office at 970-874-2135.