County Government

Law governing the operations of county government is from these sources:

  • Colorado Constitution
  • Colorado Revised Statues
  • Case law resulting from state and federal court decisions.

The Colorado Constitution states that counties exist to administer state government, and have only those powers delegated to them or implied to carry out the delegated powers by the Colorado Assembly. State law names activities such as social services, taxation and highways, be provided by the County. The County is required to carry out state administrative regulations.

Delta County operates as a general law county and provides a variety of services. These include law enforcement, health services, road and bridge construction and maintenance, public safety and social services. Other public services are provided by special districts such as hospitals, libraries, cemeteries, pest control, fire protection and mosquito control. Public education is under the jurisdiction of Delta County School District 50J, with its own governing board and staff. Judicial matters are handled by the combined courts which include the Seventh Judicial District and Delta County Court. The County administers state-mandated programs and distributes state funds to the agencies which provide state services.

Mission Statement

Delta County’s mission is to provide a safe and healthy community for present and future generations by:

  • Providing equitable and quality service to the public
  • Treating one another with respect and dignity
  • Acting with fiscal responsibility

  Values shared by all departments within the County:

  •   Public service
  •   Fiscal responsibility
  •   Quality employees
  •   Pro-active governance

Delta County Established

The Uncompahgre Reservation was opened to settlers in the fall of 1881. George A. Crawford, founder of Grand Junction, secured a townsite from W. O. Stephens at the confluence of the Gunnison and Uncompahgre Rivers, and the Uncompahgre town and Improvement Company (later Delta) was established. In 1883, the area was partitioned off from Gunnison County and Delta County was created with the town of Delta as the seat of government. The governor of Colorado appointed the first officials: clerk, treasurer, judge, surveyor, superintendent of schools and three commissioners. Delta County is located in west-central Colorado. The County seat of Delta is located approximately 40 miles southeast of Grand Junction and 20 miles north of Montrose. The County seat and County are named for the delta formed by joining of two of the Colorado River's major tributaries, the Gunnison and Uncompahgre Rivers, both of which are important water sources to the County.  In addition to the City of Delta, there are five other prominent towns in the County:  Cedaredge, Crawford, Hotchkiss, Orchard City, and Paonia.  A large population also resides in the rural (unincorporated) portions of the County.

County Statistics

Delta County 735,298 acres (1,148.9 square miles)
Public Land 374,768.9 acres  (585.6 square miles), 51%
 Unincorporated 18,698.4 acres (29.2 square miles), 2.5%
 Lakes/Reservoirs 157 named, 3,880.3 total acres
 Railroads 74 miles
 Roads 1,251 miles
  1. Administration

    Physical Address
    560 Dodge St.
    Delta, CO 81416

    Fax: 970-874-2114