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Posted on: September 21, 2022

Delta County’s 2022 Land Use Code Update


Delta County’s 2022 Land Use Code Update

Delta, CO (September 21, 2022) – Following multiple Work Sessions with the Board, Planning Commission, and stakeholders, Delta County has released a public draft of the 2022 Land Use Code (LUC) Update. The purpose of this update is to clean up the LUC based on how it has been implemented since January 2021, when the LUC was first adopted. Some notable changes include:

● Changing the Urban Growth Area zoning designation to an overlay to apply where higher density and/or mixed-use development can occur. 

● Adding Residential 2.5-acre (RES-2.5) and Residential 1.0-acre (RES-1.0) designations to apply where a smaller lot subdivision is appropriate. 

● Clarifying terminology and process for Subdivisions, Allowed Uses and Permitted Uses.

● Providing an Administrative review process for lots that do not meet the minimum lot size, provided they meet specific criteria.

● Incorporating the procedural requirement of the Development Application Ordinance 

● Establishing standards for Renewable Energy Facilities

● Establishing standards for Wireless Communication Facilities Public Hearings on the draft LUC will begin on October 12th . The public is encouraged to attend to provide comments or submit written comments to the Planning Department. 

A tentative schedule of public hearings has been set as follows:

● 10/12/2022; Planning Commission. Opportunity for the public to provide/submit comments for consideration

● 10/13/2022; Board of Adjustment. Make a recommendation to the Planning Commission.

● 10/26/2022; Planning Commission. Consider all comments and provide direction to staff on a final draft LUC.

● 11/16/2022; Planning Commission. Consider a certified draft to forward to the Board of County Commissioners.

● 12/7/2022; Board of County Commissioners. Consider the certified draft as recommended by the Planning Commission.

For information about the Draft Land Use Code, including a draft to review and public hearing schedule please visit our Land Use Code web page.

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