What would cause me to NOT receive a Delta County Alert?

The following are just a few examples of reasons why you may NOT receive Delta County Alerts:

  • You haven't registered with the Delta County Alert System - if you don't register we can't send you alerts! 
  • Your contact information is not up to date. If you change phone numbers or emails, be sure to update your profile! 
  • You did not enable the SMS checkbox next to your phone number when registering to receive messages on your cell phone. 
  • Your phone was out of service, powered off or busy for an extended period of time when the alert was sent. 
  • Your cell phone service is out of service or doesn't have a Wi-Fi/Internet connection.  You must have data connection to receive alerts via either cell service or Wi-Fi
  • Your email provider may have placed the email in your spam/junk email folder.  Please add Delta County Alerts (noreply@genasys.com) to your trusted mail list. 

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