What if I am late in paying my taxes?

By state statute, there is a 1% late fee charged for each month the property taxes are late. The first week of September, manufactured home and personal property taxes that are unpaid shall be advertised in the local newspaper. Unpaid real estate taxes will be advertised in September/October for three consecutive weeks. Taxes that remain unpaid are subject to sale at the property tax lien sale, which is generally held the first Thursday in November. 

Note: There are additional fees added to your tax bill if your property is advertised.  Manufactured homes and personal property are also subject to a distraint notice, which shall be posted at/on the delinquent property. This notification defines the delinquent property, the amount due, and payment instructions. Distrained property shall not be moved or sold until the taxes are paid. The distraint posting will also generate additional fees which shall be included as "Fees" on the posted notice.

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