Treasurer's Deed

Three years from the date of a tax lien sale, a holder of the Tax Lien Certificate of Purchase may request a treasurer’s deed if a redemption of the lien is not received. A treasurer’s deed transfers ownership to the new grantee, clear of all previous liens and rights of ownership, possession, or use. A treasurer’s deed is not a warranted title, but simply grants whatever ownership interest in the property the former owner possessed.

The holder of the Certificate of Purchase must fill out an application for the issuance of a treasurer’s deed, submit a deposit of $300.00 to cover the costs of processing the application (such as advertising and legal notices) and pay all other taxes, liens and special assessments that have been certified to the treasurer for collection.

Processing the treasurer’s deed on real property normally requires six to eight months. Processing a treasurer’s deed on mineral rights takes longer as the lien search takes much longer to complete since it must be searched back to the original patent. All timelines are based on volume.

See any Treasurer's Deeds currently being processed in the Public Notices section of this website.

Public Trustee Information

The Public Trustee is responsible for processing Releases of Deeds of Trust and Foreclosures on Deeds of Trust.

What are the requirements for filing a release of deed of trust?

  • Whenever indebtedness secured by a lien has been satisfied, the creditor, within 90 days of satisfaction, shall release the lien. The creditor is required to submit the following to the public trustee’s office:
  • Original Request for Release
  • Recorded Deed of Trust, either an original or a legible copy
  • Original note marked “paid”
  • Filing fee (contact the Public Trustee's Office for current fee amount)

Note: If the note is lost, a Lost Instrument Bond is required.

Foreclosure Information

Foreclosure sales are held on Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. in the Treasurer’s Office.  Persons wishing to bid must register and be present at the sale.  Bid raises must be in increments of $100.  The winning bidder must pay with certified funds or wire transfer by 2:00 p.m. the day of the sale. A Certificate of Purchase is issued to the high bidder upon payment.

For more detailed information about the foreclosure process, please stop by the office and we will be happy to assist you.

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