County Attorney

The County Attorney is the attorney for the Board of County Commissioners and the County, including the County Department of Health and Human Services and its units (Public Health, Child Welfare, and the Child Support Enforcement Unit). The office is also provides legal advice and support to elected officials and Department heads.

Other areas supported by the County Attorney’s Office:

  • Insurance: For example, accidents involving County vehicles, falls on County property, and damage to private property caused by County employees. Claims should be referred to the County Attorney’s Office. The County Attorney’s Office will obtain information concerning the claim and forward it to the insurance carrier.
  • Airports: Information regarding Blake Field (Delta) and North Fork Valley Airport (Paonia).
  • Litigation involving the County.
  • Code Enforcement: Coordination, investigation, and enforcement in reference to rubbish/junk, pre-HUD mobile homes, and specific development complaints that are filed with the Planning Department.
The County Attorney is not a private attorney and is therefore unable to consult with or give advice to private individuals or concerning personal matters not related to County government.