Pretrial Services


Delta County Pretrial Service’s mission is to assist judicial officers in making pretrial decisions and to provide the court with a range of pretrial release options by providing complete, accurate, and timely information to the Judicial Officer, District Attorney’s Office, and the Public Defender’s Office via written report, through the use of an empirically developed pretrial risk assessment tool.  This tool predicts the likelihood of appearing to all court hearings and remaining law-abiding while at liberty on bond.


If an individual is released by a judge and court ordered to participate in pretrial supervision as a bond condition, they will be monitored by our case managers to ensure compliance with court-ordered conditions designed to maximize release, maximize court appearance, and maximize public safety with the goal of also minimizing the detrimental collateral consequences of pretrial detention.

Supportive Services

We seek to provide supportive services to meet the pretrial population where they are and help them be successful during their time under pretrial supervision. Each client is assessed for risk and need then case managers develop an individualized case plan to respond according to evidence-based practices.

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