Burials on Private Land



Review for Private Land Burial Standards and site selection guidance.
Apply for a Private Land Burial Site Inspection if you need help selecting a compliant burial site.

Before Burial (for the funeral director or person acting as such)

Complete these two forms: Private Land Burial Request and Death Registration Worksheet.
Submit the two forms to one of the local offices of vital statistics:
Delta County Clerk and Recorder (Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm) or Delta County Coroner (available 24/7)

At Burial (for the funeral director or person acting as such)

Receive a Disposition Permit and an Private Land Burial Affidavit from the local office of vital statistics.
Complete the Affidavit of Private Burial along with the bottom portion of the Disposition Permit as required by Colorado Revised Statute 25-2-111 .

After Burial

Submit the Disposition Permit to the County Clerk and Recorder to be signed by a deputy registrar, and the Affidavit of Private Burial to be recorded into the records of the Delta County Clerk and Recorder (recording fee applies). 
Receive a copy of the signed Disposition Permit and the recorded Affidavit of Private Burial for the land owner’s records. 

NOTE: The funeral director or person acting as such is responsible for ensuring the remains are properly embalmed or refrigerated if disposition does not occur within 24 hours.