Licensing - Restaurant/Retail Food

Steps to Opening a Retail Food Establishment

FFood Service Processood Service Process -- it's as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1.  Application. Fill out and submit a Retail Food Establishment Plan Review Application. Once complete you can email the application to Environmental Health or submit it in person at the Delta County Health Department. 

Step 2.  Plan Review Meeting. Are you ready to meet and discuss the details of your establishment? Call 970.874.2165 to schedule your meeting.

Step 3. Pre-Operation Inspection. Are you done with your plan review meeting? Are you ready for your pre-operational inspection?  Call 970-874-2165 to schedule your pre-op inspection.

That's it!  Once your pre-operational inspection is completed. You can pay your fee and Get your License. 

What fees may be assessed?  The cost of the plan review is $100, due upon completion of the plan review meetings.  

Fee Schedule

*If you are a Ranch, please read the exclusion policy and memo regarding Licensing Ranches for manufactured foods/retail foods.

Food Manager Training 

Food Manager TrainingThe State of Colorado requires that one person on staff, at all times, is qualified as a Certified Food Protection Manager. To complete this requirement take the Food Manager course  and pass the exam.

This requirement applies to: all full-service restaurants, mobile food trucks, and licensed grocery stores with a deli. If you are interested in other training options please reference these Food Manager training resources.

Email the Environmental Health Department if you have questions, or call 970-874-2165.


ReferanceAdditional information to keep your business running smoothly: