Sheriff Patrol Pickup

The Sheriff’s Office patrol division consists of 12 State of Colorado POST Certified deputies supervised by four sergeants, and it provides 24-hour coverage to the citizens of Delta County.  Deputies work 10-hour shifts to patrol and respond to calls for service in all unincorporated (outside city limits) areas of the county.  The County is broken into three patrol areas: Delta (DIST 1), the Town of Orchard City and Surface Creek (DIST 2), and the North Fork Valley (DIST 3). 

Deputies each have a marked Sheriff’s Office patrol vehicle and respond to calls for service across the county. Deputies put an average of 100+ miles a day on their vehicles responding to calls and completing patrol duties across the county.  Each vehicle is equipped with an on-board laptop that is connected to the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system and Records Management System that allows deputies to view details on calls entered by Dispatch in real time and also work on reports in their vehicles.  If you need assistance of a Deputy, please contact Dispatch at 970-874-2015, and Dispatch will have a Deputy contact you. Depending on the nature of the request, they may give you a phone call or respond to your location to take a report.  

Patrol Deputy Duties

Patrol deputies complete a wide-variety of duties on any given day.  They respond to non-emergent calls for service, as well as emergency life and death calls across Delta County.  Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Criminal Investigations – petty, misdemeanor and felony offenses 
  • Traffic enforcement on county roadways and state highways
  • Dispute mediation and civil standbys
  • Response to wildfires and structure fires and assist with search and rescue efforts
  • Respond to and assist with traffic accidents, medical emergencies and other public safety duties
  • Community-oriented policing and traffic control/walk troughs at special events 
  • Assisting other law enforcement agencies and Sheriff’s Office divisions
  • Sex Offender Registration verification checks
  • Other varied calls for service addressing quality of life issues

Civil Standbys 

Deputies are available to perform civil standbys to assist individuals in retrieving their personal property from a location. This is common if an individual is served a protection order from the Courts, which prohibits that individual from going to a location.  Civil standbys are completed when deputies are available and not currently handling other calls for service, and may be cancelled without notice due to emergent calls for service. 

If you need a civil standby, call Delta County Dispatch at 970-874-2015 and provide the Dispatcher with your name, date of birth, phone number and details of why you need a civil standby. You will also need the name and phone number of the other person(s) involved so deputies can contact them to arrange the civil standby.  Our policy is to coordinate with BOTH parties on a mutually agreed upon time and per availability of deputies.  We do not schedule standbys in advance and the other party must be present and consent to the standby.


Voluntary Witness Statement Form