Septic Systems

A septic system or onsite wastewater treatment system (OWTS) is required for every structure with a restroom or sewer drain.   Septic Permits are processed through Delta County Environmental Health - see the Health Department's Septic Systems web page for detailed information regarding septic system installation and repair.

An address must be assigned in order to apply for a Septic Permit.  A minimum of two inspections are required: 1) site inspection to determine suitability to accommodate the proposed system/location; 2) final inspection to ensure the system was installed as specified in the permit.  Final approval is required prior to occupancy.

When Subdividing or adjusting property lines, plats must identify the location of the septic system. A septic system must be located entirely on the property with the structure(s) that is serves, and meet required setbacks (see Building/Land Use/Subdivision).


Development Applications require proof of adequate water supply (water tap, well permit). This should include documentation that the water source is sufficient for the type of use proposed. For example, if adding a second unit provide documentation from the water purveyor showing that a second unit can be served by the existing tap or that a second tap has been obtained.

In the case of a domestic water well, provide a copy of the well permit that includes a description of the allowed use for that well. Where a well is planned for use within a subdivision, the State requires an Augmentation Plan for water to cross property lines.

The use of cisterns or other types of water storage vessels which require periodic refilling from an off-site source are not an acceptable domestic water supply. Cisterns may continue to supply existing uses but a permanent water source must be identified to subdivide or intensify the use. 

Water Providers

Delta County has a number of purveyors that service different areas with water connections (water taps).  Contact the appropriate water purveyor to check on ability and willingness to serve water for the project.

Well Permits

Wells are permitted by the State Engineer, Department of Natural Resources:   

Colorado Division of Water Resources
1871 East Main Street
Montrose, Colorado 81401

Please also see our FAQs for more information.