Addresses and Road Names


An Address Permit is required any time the access changes and/or an address is added/changed, prior to developing a property.  The Development Application together with the applicable supplemental questionnaire is available at the County Planning Department.  The entire application needs to be filled out, including the disclaimers.  Please allow up to two weeks to complete assignment of addresses. 

Address Assigned

An address is required for every residential or commercial building in Delta County for emergency services.  Utility companies also require an address prior to providing service to a parcel/structure, including a well.  An address is required in order to apply for a septic permit.

County GIS assigns an address after Road and Bridge has verified access.  GIS issues an address sign, maps the location where the address applies (e.g. structure), and notifies applicable agencies of the new address.  Addresses are assigned based on the location of the approved access, which is why the access must be completed first.   

Road Name

When any road, including private roads or driveway, service more than three addresses, a name must be issued by Delta County GIS.  If your application requires a new road name to be created, review the road name guidelines and then contact the GIS office for available road names in your location.

Please also see our FAQs for more information.